Benefits Of Using External IT Support For Your Startup Business

IT Support Team - Benefits Of Using External IT Support For Your Startup Business

In previous years, there was no concept of outsourcing IT support as companies had formed in-house IT teams responsible for providing such services. However, as technology evolved to invent complex, intricate programs that revolutionized the global business sphere; it became clear that internal departments may not have the resources nor capacity to meet their companies’ rising IT needs.


Many business owners are still not able to assess the truth depth of their IT requirements and continue to function without realizing how their operational efficiency could improve if they hired an IT company.


It is evident that an IT support company can:

  • Rectify immediate IT conflicts
  • Take preventive measure for future breakdowns

Immediate Solutions

An IT support company such as Prosyn, technical support specialists in London is responsible for providing around the clock support to any sort of failure encountered. Be it a network issue or a data backup hitch, an IT support individual is notified instantaneously, who in return analyzes and resolves the setback as soon as possible and to the best of his capabilities.  intend to make the halt in your progression to almost zero and to fix it forever.

Preventive Measures

IT companies conduct an exhaustive study of your current IT portfolio, match it against your operations and devise recommendations for the future. They will give your business a strategy that serves its long term IT needs. They aim to secure the technical glitches but also streamline plans to boost your company’s efficiency and productivity bringing a drastic decline in costs encountered.

They will craft and implement a contingency plan to make sure your networking and data operations are never interrupted.

Cost Reduction

Hiring an IT support company contributes towards a significant decrease in your expenses. You will no longer be responsible recruiting skilled employees and training them. You will also not be liable to pay their salaries, insurance policies and other benefits provided as part of their employment contract. Designating this responsibility to an IT support organization saves time in hiring and managing of employees, thus leaving you free to focus on your core competencies.

Moreover, hiring an entire IT support team gives you access to multiple skill sets that go beyond one single brain. After all, two heads are better than one

Cost reduction is also encountered while working with an IT support group as they already have a large network of IT vendors and suppliers on their panel. They will have special, discounted contracts with them. You won’t have to negotiate with them separately and will save time in the process.

Infrastructure Management

An IT services organization provides support in terms of integrating both the hardware as well as the software applications together. They manage the shortcomings of the entire information system comprising of security issues, communication issues from one station to another or server backups.

Trained IT Professionals

Basically, an IT support company is a group of of IT professionals that provide expert guidance and management of various IT issues encountered by their clients.

An expert IT team may provide support related to various software applications, networking, data storage, general computer system support and hardware concerns.

Moreover, the team individuals have their own expertise in different domains and can cater to numerous aspects of malfunctioning related to computer systems.

The technicians are also always available on call and are accessible via email as well to offer first level maintenance.

Network Services

Installation, setup and continuous management of a company’s network constitute a major part of the services provided by an external IT business. An operational and efficient network is highly essential maintain your business’s communication and functionality efficient. A proficient network will also remain safe from being attacked by viruses, hackers and spyware.

Enhancement in Business Processes

As mentioned above, the range of services provided by an IT support organization are limitless, but it depends on what you specifically require.

Your IT support partner can do a lot more for you than fix your day to day server issues, data backup failures, your computer system’s health or just merely the wiring connections. Utilise the benefits of hiring a third party IT company and free up your internal resources by implementing new technologies, installing new software and incorporating business strategies to improve customer relations.

It has been observed that companies that outsourced their IT support were more capable of focusing on their core business which in return increased overall productivity.

Finding the Right IT Support Company

Locating a suitable IT company to take care of your IT operations is a challenging, daunting task.

You may look for the following aspects when selecting a potential IT support organization.

Assessment of your IT requirements: It is imperative that before moving forward, you assess your business’s IT needs. It is pivotal that you calculate and evaluate your current and future requirements in order to put your business in the best IT hands.

Do your homework right: Doing a thorough research of the existing companies will make your dilemma easier. Short list the ones which provide services nearest to your requirements. If possible, try talking to the organizations they are already providing their services to.

Contact them: Once you have short listed the options, try contacting them one by one. Do not hesitate in meeting them in person. Share your IT requirements, problems and solutions you are looking for. Ask them to submit proposals on how they can improve your services. Wait and patiently evaluate the plan they come up with. Discuss the cost and time they may require to fix the anomalies. Before finalizing any one of them, briefly discuss the problems you might have encountered in the past and ask them to come up with a quick solution. Monitor their approach and attitude while they solve the given conflict.

Hiring terms and conditions: After carefully examining all IT companies, it is time for you to take a decision. If you find the one you like, negotiate your working terms and conditions. Do you want them on a monthly retainer? Or is a project by project need more your style? We recommend a monthly retainer so there is someone always available to address your IT needs. hey prefer.

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