Glasgow SEO Service Discusses Best SEO Practises

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The days of executing marketing campaigns aimed at the masses is long gone. The age of the internet has taken over the world where unique customization is practiced with the support of search engine optimization. This period of technological excellence also brings a new set of challenges to the modern world: mainly owning the ability stand out amidst the deluge of content that is created every minute.

There are barely any firms left that do not find it critical to invest money into SEO practices and retain professional guidance. However, is everyone able to implement effective SEO strategies?

Keep SEO Simple who have the best SEO services Glasgow has to offer have shared a few tips that will help you to identify what the best SEO practices may be for your brand and business.

Google RankBrain: Optimize Your Website

Rankbrain was recently launched by Google as its first machine learning algorithm. It appraises your interaction with the search results that pop up on Google’s first page. It identifies what keyword is typed in the search bar and turns it into a number of concepts that generates relevant search results. If it detects that you have clicked on a few results on that page, it will rank that web page (the ones you clicked on) higher. If not, then it will illustrate other pages.

Backlinks, keywords and other SEO indicators are still critical yet RankBrain has transported SEO to new dimensions of user-preferred content. The more people that will click on your webpage, the higher Google will rank you. Content, links and Rankbrain have been classified as the top three ranking variables.

It is advised to ameliorate your organic click-through-rate that will communicate to Google’s algorithm that internet users like your page and hence will place you at the top of the result. Adding numerical to your title and description tag generates hits as well. Another way to better your chances for RankBrain is to improve your bounce rate. This will show that the user stuck around on your site longer than 3 seconds as he liked your content.

Use Targeted Keywords In Content

Content marketing is a phenomenal channel of communication that promotes a brand or your small business by the creation, distribution and amplification of specific knowledge that interests your target market. It is meant to impart information that will help your audience move a step closer in its decision-making cycle to purchase your services.

It could aim to influence a positive change in behavioural pattern by shifting your customer’s preferences towards your own brand. Since the year 2016, the number of small, medium or large enterprises tapping into the potential of content marketing has increased drastically.  It is all about providing information in a fun, subtle manner that benefits your customer in the long term.

The harsh reality is that we, as consumers, have become indifferent to the never-ending invasion of advertisements and marketing campaigns. In today’s day and age of clutter, clients may be turned off by if you implement direct sales strategies. Hence, as content is the bread and butter of your website traffic, you must generate unique, engaging content for the specific keyword in question.

Use your keyword at least four times within the body of your content but remember to not over-do it. Keep in mind that every channel of communication has its own format. Hence, if you are writing a press release, do not utilize it as website copy or a blog post. You need to adapt it to match the requirements of your selected medium. Link other pages from your website to bring traffic back to this one.

Replicate Adword Campaigns in Title/Description Tags

An awesome title and description tag will definitely produce more traffic. Text chosen for Adword ads are a result of hundreds of split tests that aim to create the most number of clicks possible. See if there is any fascinating copy that you can incorporate as well from that Adword campaigns. These are the words with proven, effective outcomes.

Image ALT Filenames /Tags

An ALT tag is the name you give to an image you have placed on your digital mediums. Employ suitable ALT tags as it will promote the level of accessibility. For instance, if your viewer is utilizing a screen reader, he will be able to hear what the image represents. Select a descriptive name for your image as to highlight what it actually is. Avoid underscores and exploit dashes to your heart’s content. And of course, the best tip we can give you is to not place non-alpha characters in your image Alt tag.

Link Internal Pages with Anchor Text

Surely, you may know that internal linking is a link on your page that takes you to another page on the same website. It helps boost keyword strength within the domain of your website and allows users as well as search engine robots to navigate your site. Choose strong phrases as your anchor text for internal linkage purposes.

Recycle Old Content

Feel free to update your existing content and republish it. You can add further insights, the latest statistics, case studies or testimonials to the content piece in question. Do make sure you promote it across multimedia channels as well for maximum exposure. The rate of organic traffic will increase as a result and place your page higher on search engine result pages.

Spy on Competitors’ Keywords

Do not worry, we are not asking you to master the art of corporate espionage! It is a non-written industrial norm to keep a lookout on what keywords your rivals are employing so you can reap the associated benefits. We recommend a dual of methodologies to identify the keywords. Either you can type in random keywords in a tool or you can locate the competitor’s keywords that are ranking them.

The first step is to locate those rival sites that are performing well as it will enable you to reverse engineer what their strategy is. Enter its URL address into a tool such as SEMRUSH and you will gain access to the keywords the company is applying. Of course, countless word may pop up and you do not wish to waste your valuable time on such. Just concentrate on the ones that are relevant to your audience and create incredible content around it.