How To Use Your Foreign Language Skills To Make Money Online

Languages are complex and learning a foreign one is a rare skill that not many people have. However, what you might know is that you can use your knowledge of a foreign language to make money online!

Whatever language it is from French to Arabic and even sign languages, they all have the potential to make you some extra income.

But how does knowing a foreign language make you money online? Well, the good news is there are actually a few different ways you can make money online using your knowledge of a foreign language. And for some of them, a full and in-depth knowledge of the language won’t even be needed.

Although the greater your skill and knowledge of the language the more money you’ll be able to make. If you know the basics of French, for example, you might be able to make a little money but clients will be few and far between and you might not be able to transcribe or translate documents.

So, if you have basic knowledge of a language keep studying it till you’ve built up your skills, because the more skilled you are the more money you’ll make online. But the question remains how do you make money online using your knowledge of a foreign language? Well, let’s find out.


Translating documents is one of the best ways to make money knowing a foreign language and it’s much more common than you might think. Whether it’s a foreign text a student wants to translate for their paper or a CV for a business there’s a wide range of reasons people need documents translating.

People may also come to you with English text wanting it translated to a foreign language as well. Translation is also one of those rare areas where machines haven’t been able to match or surpass human skill.

While translation software is available it is notoriously unreliable and simply can’t match a human’s understanding of a language. Setting yourself up as a translator for hire is also much easier than you might think.

There are numerous freelancing sites you can join including general freelancing sites like Peopleperhour, Fiverr and Upwork and more specialist sites like Translators Town. You could also set-up your own website and advertise your services through social media. It might take some time to attract clients but professional translators are always in demand.

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Just like with translating documents foreign language audio transcription is highly sort after and when done well it can make you a lot of money online.

Whether people need you to transfer a foreign language to English or vice-versa there’s massive potential for business in audio transcription. And it can be done through all the same freelancing sites as general translation work as well.

Voice Acting

Knowing a foreign language doesn’t mean you’ll have to spend all your time writing down. If you’re confident enough then there’s a lot of money to be made in voice acting. This could be a simple voice over in another language for a business’s presentation to an actual acting role.

Freelancing sites are again a great starting point but if you want to aim for acting roles in particular then YouTube is a valuable resource for showing off your skills.


Learning a foreign language is something many people want to do, but classes are difficult to find. They might be at an unsuitable time or just not available close by and that’s where you can fill the void!

You might not realise it but knowing a foreign language gives you a highly marketable skill and you can tutor people from all over the world online.

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Using Skype (or another video messaging alternative) you can tutor clients from the comfort of your own home. If you have your own website you could set-up your own tutoring services from there and use social media to advertise yourself, but there’s also a number of foreign language tutoring websites you could join.

For example, there’s Livelingua, Verbling, Italki, my foreign language tutor and many more. Some may charge for membership while others may take a cut of whatever you make, but there’s great potential to make money online using your knowledge of foreign language through tutoring others.

Improving Your Chances

Knowing a foreign a language is a rare and marketable skill but that doesn’t make it unique, they’ll be strong competition and knowing how to improve your chances and stand out from the crowd will be tricky.

But by utilising sites like YouTube you can showcase your language skills more easily. A professional website will also give your profile a boost. But remember patience is important as well and while knowing a foreign language is a great skill to have and can make you money it might take a while for people to notice you. But once they do making money and building a client base will likely come quickly.

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