The Importance of G License For Your Business Security

The G license classes might sound a little mysterious at first glance but there isn’t anything secretive about them. The G license classes is the name given to a series of modules that make up the state wide firearms safety course.

Anyone hoping to enter into a security industry where they would need to use a firearm will need to hold the G license. Of course, not all security guards will need to have a firearm but holding the G license will undoubtedly be of help to anyone working in the security industry.

And while the G license classes are typically associated with security guards the course is also beneficial to other security and surveillance professionals. Private eyes for example, who want to work in an armed capacity will need to have completed the G license classes.

Finding Your G License Classes

So, the G license is undoubtedly very useful but how do you find an official G license classes provider? Well while Googling G license classes near me might be tempting because you will likely find a few around you. The best place to look for official G license classes is to use a professional security services company.

A security services company will be able to provide professional, high-quality G license classes and have trained instructors who will be able to go into more in-depth training. Holding and firing a gun is nowhere near as simple as it looks in television and movies which is why anyone who needs to use a firearm in a professional capacity will need high-quality training.

The G license classes will be sure to install people with the knowledge they need but by using an experienced security services company to teach your staff you can be sure any student will be taught to a higher standard.

So, if you’re looking for someone to teach your staff the fundamentals of using a firearm or are a private investigator who needs to get the G license don’t just search for G license classes near me, instead look for a security services company who can teach your staff the G license classes instead. That way you can be sure of high-quality training in all aspects of the course.

The Business Benefits of G License Classes

You might be wondering what the actual benefits of the G license classes are so let me explain. The security industry is forever evolving and if your business is based in Florida you might find that you need to increase your security measures, so security guards will need to be able to use a firearm.

In order to do this, your security guards will need to be trained in how to properly use and operate one. The G license classes will do this, and they are fully compliant with the Florida Statutes 493 and the Florida Administrative Code legal guidelines 5n-1.

By training your staff you can stick with the same security guards while also increasing your security measures. This is sure to benefit any Florida business and will ensure they stay fully in line with the current legal guidelines. This is especially true when you utilise a security service company to train your employees for the G license classes.

It’s also worth mentioning that self-employed security professionals can also benefit from enrolling in G-license classes training through a security services company as well. It is beneficial to many security professionals and a G license certificate is also sure to help anyone who is looking for future employment in the security industry as well.

How Do G License Classes Work?

So, now that we’ve examined the benefits of the G license classes let’s look at exactly how this course works. The G license classes will usually run four around 28 classroom hours in total and look at four main categories which I’ve outlined below.

Firearm Safety

Firing a gun might look simple you just point and pull the trigger right? But of course, nothing is that simple and there is a lot you have to learn to be able to handle a firearm safely. This module will also look a cleaning the weapon as well as other areas and safety concerns like how to safely store the weapon when not in use.

Marksmanship Principles

This module will look at all the marksmanship fundamentals you need to know about including loading and unloading, the proper 4-step draw and how to safely clear malfunctions and jams with your weapon. There is also a range-shooting qualification included within the G license classes as well which this area of the course will look at.

Firearm Mechanics

Being able to safely use a gun isn’t just down to work on the shooting range and practical lessons there is a lot of theory work that goes into using a weapon as well. This part of the G license classes examines the mechanics of your firearm and will help anyone get a better understanding of how their gun works.

Firearm Liability Training

Finally, this module looks at the legal liability issues of using a gun, remember the G license classes don’t just examine how to use a weapon safely but they will also examine when you need to use it and when you don’t.

Together these four modules will help anyone better understanding how a gun works and how to safely use it. It’s an in-depth and educational course that is invaluable to anyone who already or plans to work in the security industry.

Once you’ve completed your G license classes you’ll receive a certificate that can be used as evidence to any prospective employer. Best of all any successful participant of the course will also have their certification submitted to the Florida

Department of Agriculture’s Division of Licensing.

So, whether you’re a business looking to train your new security staff in firearm safety, a private detective in training or simply an individual looking to improve your security resume to prospective employers booking yourself on a G license classes course from a professional security services company is the ideal course of action.

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